100% Natural Origin

Corrugated is sustainable by nature. Thanks to its organic content, paper and starch glue, corrugated board is a genuinely natural product.

Completely Recyclable

Paper based packaging is 100% recyclable becoming new paper again and again. It is an essential resource for the industry as it represents a raw material source.

Easy to Dispose of

‘Because corrugated board is a one-material package, it can be quickly and easily disposed of. It is either pressed into an old-paper bale at the point of sale or folded for space-saving storage until being hauled away. Another advantage of corrugated board packaging is that boxes or trays can be collected without further sorting. Thus, businesses and consumers save valuable time and money.’ (FEFCO, 2015)


As members of RESY, CCI is committed to environmental protection through minimizing of packaging and the full recycling of all corrugated packaging products

We endeavor to make all designs as economical and environmentally friendly as possible, providing you with the best possible quality boxes at competitive prices.